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OscVstBridge is a VST plugin that, as the name implies, bridges VST data to the Open Sound Control [OSC] network domain.

VST plugins have parameters that are controllable by the user. These parameters appear as the knobs and sliders or as MIDI CC. By using OscVstBridge you can control via your midi controller or VST sequencer OSC devices that are networked to the controlling computer. Similarly OSC controllers can send messages to OscVstBridge that will convert it to VST parameter or MIDI data.

By combining the above two setups, VST data or MIDI data can be transported between networked computers. This achieves the same purpose as MIDI over IP systems except that OSC is used as the musical data protocol over the IP network. This is illustrated below:


OscVstBridge uses jVSTwRapper a wrapper that enables VST plugin development using JAVA. OscVstBridge also uses the NetUtil OSC library in JAVA.


MIDI to OSC converter

MIDI messages can be converted into OSC messages by sending MIDI controller information via your VST host to OscVstBridge.

OSC to MIDI converter

OSC controlling devices can direct OSC messages to OscVstBridge from which the data will be made available to the VST host and connected MIDI devices.




How it works


Make sure you have Java JDK1.5 or higher installed. Get it at

Download the OscVstBridge archive file here.

Extract the contents of the archive file to your VST host's plugin directory eg. in Windows to C:\Program files\Steinberg\Cubase SX\VstPlugins

Run your VST host and enjoy OscVstBridge. :))



[dont look directly into the sun]





Project Url

Find it here.



You can download the project binaries here and get the source code here [coming soon]



Besides bridging VST and OSC control data, OscVstBridge also supports and implements OSC Scheduling.


Future work

Success in transporting raw audio data over OSC has been done in OscVstBridge but very inefficiently. I have intentions to implement a codec for efficient audio network transportation in a future dated release.

Provision has also been made for a TimeInfo data type in the source code so that transport and synchronisation data can flow between VST hosts.Watch this space.......



Pls direct all help requests via the forum.


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